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  • Are you having trouble getting the child support payments your ex owes?
  • Are you worried you’re paying too much child support?
  • Has a change in life made it more difficult for you to pay your child support?

Many Texas parents struggle to get the money they need from their exes to raise their children. In addition, many parents struggle to make child support payments after losing a job or becoming disabled.

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Texas courts order divorcing parents to pay child support. However, many parents fail to do so, which can become a significant issue for the receiving parent. Even worse, there is no guarantee that the court will enforce its original orders, making obtaining child support a complicated and overwhelming battle you should not undertake alone.

If you are a Houston-based parent looking to draft a new child support order or enforce or modify an existing child support order, it may be time to consult a qualified lawyer for help. With significant experience representing families, our child support lawyers can provide the legal assistance you need. We know neither parent wants to pay more than their fair share of childcare expenses and costs. However, both parents do share legal responsibilities that must be adhered to. We can help you with child support calculations while keeping your family’s needs our top priority.

Texas Child Support Guidelines

When a couple has children, one parent will likely pay child support to the other. These support payments are for the children. They offset living costs and provide food and clothing to the children when they’re not in your care.

In Texas, the courts calculate child support using specific guidelines. Many factors affect child support, including parents’ income, the amount of time spent with the children, and the number of children.

One factor that affects child support is the number of children you have. For example:

  • One child – 20 percent of net monthly income
  • Two children – 25 percent of net monthly income
  • Three children – 30 percent of net monthly income
  • Four children – 35 percent of net monthly income
  • Five children – 40 percent of net monthly income

The number of children you have is just one of the ways the courts determine child support. Many factors go into the final calculations. As such, having an experienced child support law firm on your side is essential to calculate these numbers for you accurately.

Child Support Enforcement in Houston

Texas is serious about enforcing child support. There are a variety of enforcement mechanisms the Texas Office of the Attorney General can use, including license suspension, passport denial, and placing a lien on properties, bank accounts, retirement plans, and insurance settlements.

The Office of the Attorney General works with over 60 licensing agencies to request that these agencies deny or suspend licenses when someone fails to pay child support. This includes hunting, fishing, driving, and even professional licenses.

All in all, Texas has put numerous programs into effect over the years to ensure that children receive the financial support they need and deserve.

Our child support lawyers in Houston can help you explore all your legal options if you want to enforce a child support order.

Child Support Modifications in Houston

Texas courts are always willing to consider a petition for child support modification when circumstances warrant it. Deviations from child support guidelines can be made when there is evidence of an unanticipated change in financial circumstances, such as job loss or an increase in living costs. These modifications can also occur if there is a significant change in the custodial parent’s or the children’s circumstances. If granted, these modifications may include changes to the payment amounts or frequency, depending on the needs of all involved parties.

With the help of our law firm, they can apply to the courts to modify an existing child support order based on their current financial situation, allowing better support for their kids going forward.

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Divorces are not easy. Parents can find that they are pitted against each other in child support or custody battles. For this reason, you need a law firm that can provide accurate child support calculations and fight for your rights as a parent.

At Moving Forward Divorce Lawyers, our Houston child support attorneys will answer all your child support questions and assist with any modifications to existing support agreements. Call us at 713-589-4748 or fill out our confidential contact form to learn more about your legal options. We can protect your family, parenting rights, and property during a divorce.

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